Ian Fogarty


Ian Fogarty is a classroom teacher at Riverview High School, in New Brunswick Canada, where he teaches Chemistry, Physics and Science 12. Over the past few years, Ian has been particularly interested in how 1:1 technology, probeware, virtual labs and SMARTBoards function in a collaborative classroom to help deeper learning and make connections to the outside world. His research is known as “The Fogarty Study”. His work has won 2 Minister’s Awards for Innovation in Education, the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Education and the Canadian Association of Physicists’ High School Teacher Award. His Xenotransplantation project was a winner at the Partner’s in Learning Global Innovative Educators Forum in Cape Town for Collaboration and Communication. His work has been referenced by P21 and David Warlick and his research published in Australia. At the moment, Ian’s students are looking at The Art and Science of Light, where they study the physics and chemistry of photography, as well as the impact of media and appearance on self image. Ian is moving his family to Beijing in an effort to raise his own twin boys as 21st Century Learners and do school outside of the four walls of a building.

www.foggs.ca/wp, @ifoggseducation