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Engineering Brightness is a group of students and teachers committed to making the world brighter. Through global collaboration with New Brunswick, The Dominican Republic, and Uganda, Engineering Brightness participants are engineering 3D printed, sustainable lanterns and distributing them to people without reliable electricity worldwide!

3D printers like the MakerBot Replicator 2, Ultimaker 2, LulzBot,  and FormLabs Form1+ and many others can be used to print light/lantern cases into which student-manufactured led light circuits with renewable energy sources (re-chargeable batteries) can be placed.  Solutions can include a complete solar-powered system or be a hybrid of solar and human powered re-chargers, which is where the Riverview/Preston/PheaseyPark/CHAT project currently stands (June 2015).

All are invited to join this grass-roots, open source mission to light the world!

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Engineering Brightness is a non-profit organization

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