Engineering Brightness Touches Down in Kenya

Florence and the house she is having built.

Engineering Brightness has now touched down in Kenya and has rekindled it’s impact in Uganda in a new way! Mrs. Eberhard, a third grade teacher from RCS in Loveland, who got to know Ms. Winey and the awesome middle schoolers at Preston last April, took four lanterns with her on her trip in December to Uganda and Kenya! While in Uganda she spent a lot of time with the house mom of the kids who EB had previously supplied with several lanterns. In the last couple months, the kids living with her have returned to the homes of their extended families leaving her in a new stage of life with a new vision. She is now excited to focus her efforts on educating young moms with practical life and parenting skills while also empowering and equipping them to use their skills to support their families! This new endeavor will take place in the home she is almost finished building. Her new home does not have electricity or running water, so she was incredibly grateful to receive a lantern for her and her two daughters to use on a daily basis, along with allowing her to meet with the women she wants to impact after the sun has gone down! She also thought the solar powered charging panel was “the best Christmas present ever”, as it allowed her to charge her phone while driving or wherever she is, especially because she often goes days without visiting a place that has electricity.

Joe with two of the lanterns.

While in Kenya, Mrs. Eberhard was connected with an amazingly compassionate, energetic, and motivated young man by the name of Joe. Joe has a heart for ANYONE that needs encouragement, help, or just a friend. Joe went through university there in Kenya and is now a banker. He knows many more students who are still in the process of getting their degrees. He was excited to take three of the lanterns back to his community where he will pass them out to his friends in need of a reliable light source to help them continue their studies even after dark. He will send updates and pictures when the lanterns have found their homes!







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