Engineering Brightness Visits Guatemala

2017 started with a new cultural friendship between Preston Middle School and the village of San Miguel, Guatemala. We were able to spend 8 days in Guatemala learning about their culture, needs and celebrations. This past fall, with the help of students at Preston, Poudre High School, Resurrection Christian Elementary School, and Severance Middle School, we built six lanterns. All six lanterns were delivered to homes throughout the village. Each home had at least three children in each home. They quickly learned how to charge the lantern either via solar or hand cranked chargers. They each committed to join our efforts to fight light poverty. In six months they will tell us about the lanterns as well as make recommendations for improvements. We appreciated their kindness, intelligence and friendship. There are over 500 other homes in the village. We hope to continue our partnership and provide more lanterns soon. continue our partnership and provide more lanterns soon.


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