fogarty1Ian Fogarty teaches high school Chemistry, Physics and Science 12 at Riverview High School, in New Brunswick, Canada. He is a Microsoft Innovative Expert Fellow, a Discovery STAR Educator and a SMART Exemplary Educator.

His work won two Minister’s Awards for Innovation, the national Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Education (‘08), third at Partner’s in Learning Global Innovative Educators Forum for Collaboration and Communication (’10), the Canadian Association of Physicists’ High School Teacher Award (’11), and most recently the 2015 NSTA PASCO STEM Educator award.

His students believe learning is to help someone and solve real problems, rather than write a test. They know that science, language, art and humanities are intertwined. For instance, to study circuits, they 3D print flashlights for students who do not have clean light. To study chemistry, they build arduino automated aquaculture greenhouses that supply the food bank. The local community comes into the class while the students reach out to far away continents.

Ian is interested in how 1:1 technology, probeware, virtual labs, interactive whiteboards and 3D printers function together in a collaborative classroom to help deeper learning. His research lead to the SMART Collaborative Classroom, which are multiplying around the world. He has worked with teachers in the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Jordan, Cape Town, Shenzhen and Beijing.

Ian so believes in global educational settings, that he moved his own twin boys to Beijing for a semester to raise them as 21st Century Learners and do school outside of four walls.



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